Installation Contractors

Electrical and Instrumentation installations for any size and type of projects.

Full electrical and instrumentation site installation services. From procurement, site establishment, site management, safety, quality to testing and commissioning.

  • Electrical & Instrumentation installation

We carry out site inspections prior to carrying out the installation work. An accurate bill of
materials is produced using the design and site inspection data. If required Hamar Controls will procure all
material, cable and racking and install the procured equipment. Installation takes place on a modular basis
that will ensure that every part of the installation is performed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
We provide full time site management during the installation phase.
After installation of cabling point to point testing is performed. Hamar Controls offer further testing and
commissioning depending on the requirements of the client and project


  • Site supervision & on site commissioning

Once the system has been developed our engineers will move onto site to commission the system. As a
company we are very aware of the cost implications to the client if commissioning is not completed
correctly and in time.
Our software tests and simulation ensure that only small modifications may have to be done to our
application program and thus keep commissioning time to the minimum