Motor Control Centres & Panel Manufacturers

MCC’s and distribution boards built to any standard including SANS1973, SANS60439, and SANS61439.

Motor Control Centres can be built to any and all requirements with any switchgear. Type tested to SANS1973, SANS60439 folded and welded panels or profile system panels up to 3200A, 50kA. Verified panels tested to SANS61439, profile system, up to 6300A, 150kA. Distribution panels up to 4000A profile system.

Motor Control Centres and Panel Manufacturers

  • Type Tested

Tested boards to SANS1973, SANS60439 are available in 2 standards.

The RMS folded and welded panels are tested to 1600A at 30kA with a horizontal busbar system mounted on the top. The folded and welded fixed assembly ensures maximum strength due to the construction and is aesthetically pleasing. Degree of protection up to IP4X

The HMS profile system panels are tested to 3200A at 50kA with vertical busbar system at the back. The profile system panels give maximum flexibility in design with a choice of fixed, semi or fully withdrawable options. Degree of protection up to IP4X

  • Verified panels

Profile system boards verified against a tested SANS/IEC61439 board gives the client piece of mind related to safety of the board design and maximum flexibility. Tested for 6300A at 150kA. Degree of protection up to IP54. Fully verified calculations and certificates forms part of the deliverables.

  • Distribution panels

Distribution boards of the profile system type can be supplied up to 4000A at 100kA for maximum flexibility. Degree of protection up to IP55