The Jasper Solar Power Project, completed construction in October 2014 and is fully operational, playing a part in helping South Africa meet its renewable energy targets, in addition to stimulating long-term economic development and creating new jobs. The Jasper Project produces 180,000 megawatt-hours of energy annually for South African residents, enough to power approximately 80,000 homes

The project installation scope of work was divided into three areas of which Hamar Controls secured the contract for the first area. The scope included the string connections, Primary and secondary cable installations, string combiner box installations, earthing and all project and construction management.

Project Details

  • Started:
  • Completed:
  • Location: Postmasburg, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
  • Technology: Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Size: 96 MW-DC installed capacity; 75 MW-AC net generation
  • Electricity Production: approximately 180,000 MW-hours annually
  • Power Purchaser: 20-year government supported PPA with Eskom
  • Homes Powered: 80,000 homes