The Sishen Dewatering Bunkers in the DMS Plant are not automated and this leads to spillage cause by operator error. High volumes of spilled ore at the Dewatering Bunkers cause a safety risk due to the conveyor pull rope cables getting buried underneath the spillages.

Hamar Controls was awarded the contract for the E, C&I design from Kumba. The scope of work entailed designing of a solution whereby the tripper car will automatically move from one bin to the next as each bin is filled without requiring a manual action from an operator; design a solution whereby the dewatering bunkers are automatically unloaded at the completion of a drying cycle without requiring a manual action from an operator; reducing spillage caused by human error; control drying times in the dewatering bunkers; adding the technical capability at the DMS dewatering bunkers to allow for process monitoring and control; improve the mean time to failure of mechanical equipment such as the Tripper Car drive and reduce wear on the Dewatering Bunkers.

Project Details

  • Started: April 2019
  • Completed: Ongoing
  • Location: Kathu, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
  • Design Life: LOM